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Farming Fashion: Wool


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A fibreshed guide to localising our clothing system.
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About Farming Fashion: Wool

Farming Fashion: Wool is split into three sections: farming, processing and designing. Through interviews, case studies and features we hear directly from people across these three areas, working to  build and renew the connection between farming and fashion and material and design.

Combined with detailed resource lists and questions to facilitate practical conversations,  the guide provides a platform for greater understanding and partnership-building between the different stages of wool garment production.

Why wool? This guide is the first in a series of resources that explore the different fibres that can be farmed or grown agroecologically in the UK. Wool is chronically under-utilised and yet still the UK’s most abundant natural fibre. With over 62 native breeds of sheep and a rich history of woollen textile production, wool is deeply woven into our cultural, social and economic heritage. It is a natural high-performance material with  many extraordinary qualities. Among these, wool is naturally flame retardant, anti-bacterial and
hypoallergenic – whilst also being fully compostable, returning to the soil at the end of its use.


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