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For educators & tutors

Are you looking to further education about and engagement between fashion, design and regenerative or agroecological farming in the South West? We’d love to help.

how to teach regenerative

What are regenerative fibres and what is being produced in the SW?

Regenerative is the new ‘sustainable’, but how easy is it to define and to teach?

We work with educators to improve understanding and ground it in real life examples. 

We have developed educational aides and resources, and will be piloting an immersive learning programme in partnership with farms across the SW.

Coming soon

Fibre & Dyes Provenance Program

In 2024 we will be piloting a new programme offering educators an immersive learning experience at one or more of our SW producer farms or growing sites. Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing a group from your university or institution. 

WHO we work with

Our educational outreach takes many forms

We collaborate with university departments and tutors to generate course content.

We develop teaching aides and materials that bring fibreshed to life in the classroom. 

We guest lecture and draw from producers in our network to offer a dynamic, hands-on learning experiences. 

the what

What is a fibreshed

A fibreshed is a defined geographical area, or bioregion, within which we harness the natural resources available – fibres, dyes and labour -to create textiles and clothing in  grounded in localised soil-to-soil systems.  We have a growing community of producers in the South West committed to reimagining a regional production model for fibres and fashion. 

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If you're an educator or tutor, contact us to find out how South West England Fibreshed can support you.


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